Tip 1: How to format nokiyu

There are several ways to format your mobile phone Nokia.You can clear only the information on the memory card, return the settings to the factory settings, or completely clear all your personal data and settings.
If you need to remove from the phone pictures, videos and other data stored on the memory card, you must format the memory card only.To do this, enter the menu - Applications - File Manager - Memory Card - functions - Memory card - format.You can also format the memory card by connecting the phone to the computer as a USB drive, and then right-click the memory card in Windows Explorer Windows, select the menu item "Format".
If you need to reset your phone to the parameters set in the factory, you should make the Soft reset.To do this, enter the service on the telephone keypad command * # 7780 # or enter the menu - Settings - Control phone - original settings.When prompted, enter the code 12345 and settings will be reset.At the same time on some Nokia models can be a p
artial loss of your personal data, so keep your contacts and other information.
In case you need to completely format your phone, including all personal data and settings, you should do Hard reset.On the phone keypad enter service by dialing * # 7370 #.When prompted, enter the code 12345. All data and settings will be deleted and can not be restored, so be careful with the creation of the backup.

Tip 2: How to flash Smartphone Nokia

Proizvoditeo smarfonov Nokia periodically releases firmware updates are designed to improve smartphones .At first glance it may seem that this is a complex operation.But this is not the case: every owner of smartphone Nokia is able to produce its own firmware.
How to flash Nokia smartphone
Getting firmware smartphone Nokia, please note that there are a series of phone Nokia (6630, 6680, 6270, 3250, N70, N90), which is impossible to do the firmwarewithout Fisher.
To do this, you first need to find out which version of firmware is listed in your phone, for this it is necessary to dial * # 0000 #.Then download it to your computer the firmware that is designed for your phone.
next step is to download programs Diego_3_06, Phoenix 2004 and Crack for Phoenix.During installation, you may experience the on-screen error message, open two windows: the error message and the installation file Crack.exe, then click on the "Try Again" and continue the installation Crack.exe, at the same time replace the files, if there isnecessity.All this must be done very quickly, because the error may appear again.
next step is to restart your computer.After rebooting, you must run Phoenix in 2004, and then roll it, but do not close, and start the installation.Experts recommend under any circumstances at the end of the installation not to restart the computer.
then you must install the cable driver DKU-2, due to which it is possible to enter in the following folder: C: Program FilesCommon FilesNokiaTssCdmaCommon and C: Program FilesCommon FilesNokiaTssFlash.Budte attentive to each step, otherwise you may damage the phone.
Remove the memory card from your phone and make it formatted.It is also necessary to charge the battery telefona.Posle all done actions necessary to press the "Start" and wait.The window will appear different information on flashing the smartphone Nokia.However, do not need to touch.If you received a message that the phone is in the Test mode, you can enable this option and close the message.
If done correctly, you will receive a letter stating that the firmware update was successful.After the firmware should be to reboot the phone, and formatting.


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