you need
  • - processor;
  • - card;
  • - cooler;
  • - board operational cost;
  • - network card;
  • - shader v 3.0;
To build a powerful gaming computer, you need to decide on the company that manufactures processors and motherboards.For the best gaming processor AMD Phenon.The motherboard should be calculated under the 3rd exit of RAM, integrated graphics card, network card, sound card, a powerful processor.
choosing a processor, note the number of cores.For today's game, it is desirable to acquire the processor with four cores and a frequency of each of at least 2.2 Hz.Be sure to install an additional cooler for cooling the CPU.
Next, you need to buy a card memory.Calculates the volume based on what operating system is installed on your PC.Windows Vista and Windows 7 consumes a minimum of 1 Gb of memory, Wind
ows XP uses a 512 Mb of virtual memory on your PC.For powerful gaming computer, you must purchase a minimum of 4 Gb of RAM.
important component of the future of PC gaming is the graphics card.She is responsible for the quality of the image.Characteristics that should look for when choosing a graphics card, this clock speed, virtual memory and the presence of a shader 3.0.Dlya complete the work of modern games need virtual memory graphics card at least 1Gb.You also need the mandatory presence Shader 3.0.
Install additional cooler on the video card, since the heating performance drops.
Buy network card, it is necessary to connect the Internet or a local network, an important part of a powerful gaming computer.
When the computer is assembled and ready to go, be sure to download the "fresh" version of the drivers from the manufacturer.This will improve the quality of the video card and processor.