clue - in the history of

famous bitten apple - simple and concise icon symbolically crowning the complex structure of the giant corporation Apple, whose name is familiar to all.It is only natural that it generates a lot of treatments and acquires meaning.It sees the Bible and a bone of contention, and the apple of Turing, who took a bite, the scientist died.Any interpretation shall have the right to life, but it is interesting, first of all, those meanings that are specifically laid creators.

Reasons for creating additional meanings such a simple sign, like an apple, really gives a lot, but the starting point must be regarded as the very first logo of Apple, which was created by artist Ron Wayne.It was a
miniature monochrome, which depicted Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree and an apple on it.According to legend, the apple fell on his head scientist and led him to the creation of the foundations of the theory of the Earth's gravity, becoming a symbol of enlightenment.

logo was adopted, however, Steve Jobs realized at once that the modern company needs more modern logo.It was therefore decided to reject all superfluous and make the sign of the most simple.A year later, it was created by designer Rob Yanov - this has already been bitten painted in all colors of the rainbow apple.

Why was bitten apple?

Since the shape of the logo was simple, it can be confused with other fruits, and even did not immediately understand what the image is applied to the company's products.Making bite mark a unique, besides really created an attractive hint of the forbidden fruit, which is known to be sweet.Nevertheless, a practical approach in this case is paramount. There are also unconfirmed version of the apple was bitten as a sign of the whole apple was already occupied.

Sometimes an apple - it's just an apple

huge army of fans and opponents Apple built a lot of legends about the origin and meanings embodied in the logo.The most common tells that painted all colors of the rainbow logo has some relation to the LGBT community.The company Apple, although it supports the rights of sexual minorities, a similar point in the logo does not pledge.Colorful logo merely noted that the company produces multi-colored monitors. color logo of the company remained until 1998.

Besides the logo itself appeared long before the LGBT community began using the rainbow as a symbol.