you need
  • - computer;
  • - online.
Check your list of components on the compatibility generations.Every few years, manufacturers are changing the platform, and set the old set a new motherboard can not be - they simply can not fix.
Note the motherboard and processor.The title of these components the word socket, which means a kind of "nest" of the processor.If you, for example, the processor AMD Athlon II X2 215 Socket AM3, you can not install it on the motherboard labeled Socket 495 in the model name.Accordingly, the CPU cooler must be similar in this respect.
Look at the type of RAM and a description of the characteristics of the motherboard.If memory serves,
for example, DDR3, you can not install it on the motherboard labeled 2 * DDR2.Typically, the information is located on the motherboard, which is an essential component in the computer.Near the nest describes the types of devices that need to be integrated to complete the work.
Make sure the hard drive and DVD drive are suitable for the motherboard socket connection.You can not connect a SATA-carriers to the old model of the motherboard, which has only IDE-connector (no additional charge).
manufacturers of motherboards, processors, and memory modules indicate the official websites information about the equipment that is guaranteed to work together with their boards.Be sure to read this information.It will save you from difficult to diagnose errors when completing a manufacturer correctly identify the other components.
If you do not understand in the "hardware" of the computer, it is best to contact the specialized centers.They will tell you about all the characteristics of a device in the computer.Also, you can immediately buy all the parts.