you need
  • laptop, webcam
First, check whether to enable the webcam.To do this, run the program that controls the operation of a webcam.Or to test the camera directly from the window of the client program.If you start the image on the screen does not come, and the menu items are not available, then you must connect the camera as a device.
Find a key on the keyboard labeled Fn.Usually it is located on the left side of the keyboard next to the Ctrl.Pressing the Fn key to use other function keys with which you can control the devices.They are usually marked in blue and are located in the top row of the keyboard.With such a
key, and you can include a web camera.Look carefully at the keyboard and locate the webcam icon.Press the Fn key and hold it, press a second key to the icon webcam.On the desktop is displayed drawing webcam labeled On.The camera is ready for use.
the same result can be achieved by regular means Windows.From the menu that appears when you click "Start", select "Control Panel", and in it find the tab "Administration" and double-click it with the mouse.Find the box labeled "Computer Management" and open the console.In the left pane, locate the snap-in "equipment manager" and start it.
You will have a structured list of devices in the computer.Open nested list under the symbol "+" in the line "image processing device".In this list you will see the name of your camera.We click on the right mouse button and choose from the menu "Switch".Will only have to click to the next window, click OK to confirm the switch.If you can not find listed in Device Manager icon webcam, you may need to reinstall the webcam driver.