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Press the key combination Fn + NumLock.The most common mistake among laptop users with shortened versions of keyboards - they include dashboard using this combination, and then entering letters is not available in this mode.Generally, such buttons are located on the right side of the keyboard and laptops are also sometimes combined with Fn.This function is also quite convenient to use in the games those who are accustomed to a full keyboard and the management often has mobilized its side panel.
If you still blocked the keyboard for real, use the standard keyboard shortcuts, for example, Fn + F12, Fn + F7, Fn + Pause, Win + Fx (instead of x is any number from1 to 12).This combination should be spelled out in the manual for your laptop.
In her absence you for
any reason, download the user manual from the official website of the manufacturer (may need to check, enter the serial number of the laptop and your e-mail box) and contact a serviceSupport for clarifying the code unlock the keyboard if the necessary information you will not find in the manual.
If you have locked in your laptop touch pad, press the key combination Fn + F7.If after this you will be displayed on the corresponding icon, it means you did everything right.
When locking and unlocking with the activation of the Fn key is necessary to pay attention to the icons painted on the keys.Most often, they come in square brackets in order to make you faster than they were able to observe among other keypad.Also, when blocking certain devices get the icon on the Lock button Lock or words in square brackets.Do not forget also more likely to read manuals.