Tip 1: How to remove the stretched screen

on the setting screen resolution depends not only on correct reproduction of the image elements, but also the opportunity to work on the computer without straining your eyes.Sometimes, usually after reinstalling the operating system, or update the system files, the screen resolution is set incorrectly.
image can be stretched for two reasons: firstly, because of improper settings of the screen;Secondly, in the absence of the necessary drivers installed in the card.
Correct stretch the image in the first case is very simple.For Windows XP, click the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Screen" - "Display Settings" and set the desired resolution.For the average normal of the monitor screen resolution is 1024x768 pixels.To monitor with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, typical for notebooks, it is necessary resolution of 1366x768 pixels.Click "OK" - the screen resolution is changed.Rate it - if it was normal, confirm the changes.If not, try to select other parameters of the screen.
The Windows 7 operating system to change the screen resolution, click on the empty area of ​​the desktop right mouse button.In the context menu, select "Screen Resolution."No further configuration is different from the configuration for Windows XP.
In that case, if there is no video driver, the situation is somewhat more complicated.To determine whether the driver is very simple - open any window and try to drag it.In the absence of the driver window will move slowly in spurts, with noticeable distortion.
To install the driver, open the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "System" - "Equipment" - "Device Manager" - "Display Adapters."When an unknown driver, your graphics card in the list will be marked with a yellow question mark.Double-click the line with a question mark with the mouse in the window that appears, click "Reset".If you have a driver disk, insert it into the drive and click "Next".The installation program automatically detects and installs the necessary files.In that case, if the driver is on your hard drive, enter the path to it.
main difficulties arise when you install video drivers on laptops.To find out which driver you need, use the program Aida64 (Everest).Run it and see the exact data card.Using these data, visit the manufacturer of your notebook and find the right driver.
In some cases, solve problems with the installation of the drivers on a laptop with Windows XP installation disc can help with the assembly Windows XP Zver.In this assembly there are a large number of drivers, but install them directly does not work, because they are packed.Copy the folder OEMDRV desired archive - for example, DP_Video_ATI_Nvidia_911rc9.7z for ATI and Nvidia, unpack it.Then restart the procedure for installing the driver, and then specify the path to the folder you unzipped the drivers.

Tip 2: How to change the screen resolution

resolution - one of the most important indicators that define the comfort of work at the computer.Resolution is measured in number of dots (pixels), and determines how the clarity and quality of images, and the number of objects that can be placed on a desktop operating system.

The higher the resolution, the greater the number of pixels vertically and horizontally available to the imaging system, and therefore, the more clarity and detail, and there will be less tired eyes, looking at the picture.On the other hand, the liquid crystal display resolution is not the best, will be severely degrade the image quality.

  1. To change the screen resolution in Windows 7, click Start, Control Panel, locate and open it.

  2. Among the many icons that allow you to customize various aspects of the operating system and software, find the Display icon.Double-clicking on it will open the configuration utility features of the monitor and video card.

  3. In the left part of the window there is a point, which is called - "Adjust screen resolution".Click on it, and will open the "Settings screens."Depending on the configuration of monitors connected to your computer, there may be provided different information.Drop-down list "screen" allows you to choose which of the available screens supposed to make adjustments.Select the screen you can simply click on the image monitor with a large number 1 or 2 on it.The next drop-down list is just a list of the "Resolution" allows you to change the screen resolution.Please note that one of the lines marked by the word "recommended."This - the physical resolution of the matrix, and to get the best picture quality is better to set this permission, even if the monitor and graphics card allows it to increase.

  4. click "Find" and "determined" to help find additional monitor is not displayed in the list of screens.Remember that in order for the system to detect the monitor, it must be connected to a computer or laptop, and power must be on.

  5. change the screen resolution, click "OK" or "Apply".The system will make it possible to evaluate the changes and, if necessary, return to the original settings.

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