you need
  • - installation disc Windows 7.
1 Turn on your computer and open the drive tray.Set in a disk from which to install Windows Seven.Close the tray and restart the computer.
Press F8 to open the boot device selection.Enter the above DVD-ROM drive.Press any key to start the installation.
Select a language from the options menu.Continue the process of installing Windows Seven.After some time a window will appear with a list of existing partitions and hard drives.In comparison with the installer Windows XP, in this menu you can make a huge adjustment disks and partitions.
Click Disk Settings (Disc Setup).Select the forum that you want to clear, and click "Format".
This menu allows you to remove the hard disk partitions and create new ones.I
f you need to, for example, to divide the hard drive into two partitions, select it and click "Delete."
Select occurred is called "unallocated" and click "Create."Enter the size of the future of the local disk.Select for a file system type.
Repeat the sequence of actions described in the previous step to create another local drive.
Be very careful.If you format the partition during the installation of the operating system Windows Seven can not change the type of the file system.If you need to perform the operation, then scroll to the desired profile and click "Delete."
Select the unallocated space that appears, and click "Create."Specify the size of just a remote local disk and select a different type of file system.Continue the installation of the operating system Windows Seven to the appropriate section for this purpose.