you need
  • - Iphone
  • - laptop / computer
  • - USB-cable to connect the Iphone
Connect your Iphone to your computer using "nativeĀ» USB-cable.On the monitor will appear right in iTunes.Close it does not synchronize the phone.
Wait for the pop-up window on the screen (if you have the function "Auto" for all connected devices).It must appear within 5 seconds.Verify that the box, the box marked "Always do the selected action" checkbox was not.
In the window you can use two ways to upload photos.Select the "Import pictures and videos."To do this, left-click, double-click on this label.Automatically start importing images and videos.For each photo, you will be prompted to enter your notes.
To select the location of
the photos on your computer, click on the line "Settings".In the window that opens, select the desired path for the placement of video and images.Also specify your preferred format for the folder name;Select what will be the names of files: your keyword or the original filename.
Save your changes.After exiting from the "Settings" click on the button "Import".Photos and videos of the Iphone will be moved to your preferred location on your computer.
To move individual photos to a computer, use a startup function "Open device to view files."In the new window, double-click on the "Internal Storage" & gt;"DCIM" & gt;"File folder".Select the photos you want, in the usual way, copy them to the desired folder.
If "AutoPlay" is not enabled on your notebook, proceed through the "My Computer."Connect your Iphone, then close iTunes.Click "Computer" in the window that opens, look at the panel on the left.It shows all system, removable drives, and connected storage devices.Locate and open the Apple Iphone.Proceed as described in step 6.