you need
  • drivers and other software.
Turn via webcam installed on your notebook a special program.Shortcut to run it probably is on your computer's desktop and "Start" menu under "All Programs."If you yourself can not find it or do not know how to use this program, look for the information in the Help system of your PC or on the website of the manufacturer.
Use to turn on the camera standard tools of the operating system.In Windows for it in "Start" menu, go to Control Panel, and then there is section "Scanners and Cameras".In the list of devices, double-click on the ic
on that identifies the built-in camera - system it can be recognized as a device USB.To take a picture or start recording, click on "Remove" located under the viewfinder camera in the window that appears.
used to activate the webcam standard Windows programs to work with images.The "Get a camera or scanner" is available, for example, the menu folder "My Pictures" in the menu Paint (the button "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories").For images in the window that appears, click "Remove."
Use the webcam to work with third-party software - the network has lots of them, and both paid and free from various and diverse functionality.For example, there are programs that allow you to program your webcam to take photos at regular intervals, or shooting and image transfer when a camera lens in any movement.For detailed instructions on working with these programs look for in their help files and website developer.
Please note that in some cases the built-in camera will work automatically.For example, if you make a call to the popular program Skype.The buttons for the camera images are available in popular social networks and dating sites.For example, to update your profile photo in network Facebook, simply click on the link "Photo", located in your chronicle next to "Status" - opens a menu where you will just have to select "Remove the webcam."