situation is simplified thanks to the wifi-module in the vast majority of today's notebooks.Naturally, becoming the owner of a laptop with wifi-module, everyone wants to join as soon as possible to the benefits of technological progress in the form of access to a variety of wireless networks.However, before you plunge into the abyss of wireless internet, you must configure wifi on the laptop.

  1. First you must enable wifi-laptop module.As a rule, this is one of the keys on his keyboard, marked with the antenna and works in conjunction with the function key Fn.If the notebook chassis has a light, labele
    d the same icon, in the case of the successful inclusion of the module he is wifi-lights.

  2. Configure network settings notebook so that IP-address it received automatically.As a rule, this is sufficient for the successful detection wifi-networks and connect to the ones that provide free access.

  3. As a rule, find available wifi-network, the operating system will display information about them and offer them to connect.Click the message that appears in the system tray, follow a few simple steps proposed by the Connection Wizard, and you're online.

  4. If you try to connect to a wireless network is a request SSID, this means that the selected network is not public and is protected by a special code.Get access to the network without knowing the code, you can not.However, if you see a request SSID, then you failed to properly configure configure wifi on the laptop.If the list of available wireless networks more points, try to connect to other networks (perhaps they will be publicly available), or to purchase an access card to the toll network, it will be listed SSID.