you need
  • - USB-flash drive larger than 2GB;
  • - driver Hitachi Microdrive;
  • - Acronis Disc Director;
  • - FlashbootXP.rar
downloaded from the Internet hard disk drive Hitachi Microdrive and extract it to any temporary directory.Open the file with Notepad «cfadisk.inf» and find the section «[cfadisk_device]».
Plug the flash drive and go to the Device Manager (right-click on "My Computer" - "Control" - "Device Manager" - "Disk Drives").Search for your drive in the list, go to its properties (right mouse button - the "Properties"), click on the tab "Details".Copy (Ctrl + C) the contents of the item "Instance Id".
In the section «[cfadisk + device]» replace the value of the last row after the decimal point in the code you copied instance (Box Ctrl + V).Remove the string after the backslash "\".For example, if the line looked like «USBSTOR \ DISK & amp; VEN ... .REV_1.00 \ 7 & amp; 211 312 312 & amp; 0", then all starts after «REV_1.00» to erase.Do not forget to save changes to a file.
In the properties drive, go to the tab "Driver" - "Update" - "Install from a list or specific location" - "Do not search" - "Have Disk" and select Change cfadisk.inf.Make the safe removal of the disc (right mouse button in the "Device Manager" - "Safely Remove") and connect the flash drive.
Download the program Acronis disk director and format the USB-Flash format FAT32, and make active the primary partition flash drive using the appropriate menu item.
Turn off the computer.In BIOS setup disable the hard drives used, and the parameter «First Boot Device» select your CD-ROM.Insert the disc with the recorded Windows XP, the drive and connect the USB stick.The installation menu system to select the setting on the flash drive without changing the file system.After the computer restarts, select the BIOS to boot from the hard drive, but do not unplug your USB device.
downloaded from the Internet Archive FlashBootXP and extract its contents.Start Registry Editor («C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Regedit.exe»).Select the branch «HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE» and go to "File" - "Load Hive" at the top of the window.Enter the path to the file "Vasha_Fleshka: \ Windows \ System32 \ Config \» and open the file «system».In the Select section write the value "123" and right-click on the newly created partition.
Select "Permissions" - "Administrators".In the opened window, specify a tick "Full Access" and click "Apply".Go to "Advanced" - "Administrators" and select "Replace permissions on all child ...".Click OK and exit the menu.
USBBOOT.reg Navigate to the file and click the right mouse button it.Choose "Merge" and confirm the changes to be made to the registry.
Return to regedit.exe.Select "123" and press the "File" - "Unload Hive."Close the editor and copy the files in the archive usb, usbport and usbstor to a folder of your memory stick «Windows \ Inf».
Turn off the computer, unplug the hard drive again.As the First Boot Device, choose USB-Flash and wait for the installation procedure.