signs may be in the notification area on the control panel to the left.Accordingly, they may be lost, and the first space and the second.Consider the case when the missing icons in the Launcher, and the method of recovery.
Calling the "Taskbar", then on the "taskbar" in the "Making the taskbar" scroll "display panel .....".If this item is not checked, then set it and click "OK".Left on the "taskbar" to appear "Launcher" if it has already been, and you have put on it some of the icons, these icons have been preserved.If it is to be checked under "Show Quick Launch", but the icons or not, it means that t
hey are simply someone removed from the panel.If so, follow the next steps: click on the desired icon left mouse button and hold, drag the icon to the "Quick Launch."All, therefore, transfer all the desired icons.
Now the case when the icons were gone from the notification area (system tray).In the notification area are such icons as "Volume", "Local Area Connection", "Wireless Network Connection", etc.If the missing icon "Volume", then use these instructions: Click on "Start", then to select "Control Panel", then "Sound and Audio Devices", then on the submenu (tab) "Volume" set checkbox on the "Show icon.... ".
If the missing icon "network connectivity": "Start" menu, then "Control Panel", then "Network Connections" in the right local connection, right-click, then "Properties", in"General" tab just tick the items "Notify me when ...." and "Connecting to withdraw ....".Lost most of these two icons, but if you have lost something else, then look for a solution the problem in your program, the icon is gone.