you need
  • - vspcin.exe (for Windows Vista);
  • - compcin.exe (for Windows 7);
  • - WinsxsLite
Download and run the utility vspcin.exe (for Windows Vista) or compcin.exe (for Windows 7) for the initial treatment and the attempts to reduce the size of the folder WinSxS.Deleting a folder can lead to an inability of the computer in connection with what is WinSxS main storage operating system.
Download the archive small program WinsxsLite (564 Kb) and unpack it in the same folder.
WinsxsLite Run the script for the operation to reduce the size of the folder WunSXS by removing unnecessary and duplicate files.

program, which is .bat-file created by the devel
oper Christian Bering Boegh and distributed freely.
Press 2 to start Phase 1 scan (test and evaluation folder WinSxS) and then follow the pressing 2 and the letters A to start Phase 1 apply (cleaning).This action allows you to specify files and folders Program Files Windows, duplicate files in the folder WnSxS.
Wait for the process and restart, price to liberate occupied by files.Some files stored in a folder that can not be changed, so the program is forced to create WinsxsLite TODOlist, information from which is used when the computer restarts.
Press 2 to start Phase 2, perform the scan and then press the button 2 and the letters A to start Phase 2 apply.This will replace the outdated files WinSxS folder hard links to new versions of files.
Wait for the process to reduce the size of the folder WinSxS (can take up to two hours), and then restart your computer to apply the selected changes.
compare the size of the edited folder to previous figures.The assurances of the author of the program should make a real decrease to 25% of the former.