Tip 1: How do I turn the wireless network on a laptop

Most mobile computers designed to work with wireless networks.Almost every notebook has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter is required to connect to specific networks.
To connect to a wireless network, you must enable and properly configure the Wi-Fi adapter is a mobile computer.Open the "Start" menu and navigate to the properties of the item "Computer".Locate and open the menu "Device Manager".
submenu Expand the "Network Adapters" and find a device designed to work with the channel Wi-Fi.If this equipment is disabled, click on its name, right-click and select "Enable."Make sure that the front of the name Wi-Fi adapter is not an exclamation point.This means that for the device drivers are installed.
3 times to activate the Wi-Fi adapter to press certain keys on a laptop.Perform this step.Click on the icon of local networks, located in the system tray.The right-click menu, select the desired network and click "Connect."
If the network is protected by a password, enter it
in the window that appears, and then press Enter.Wait for the installation of an access point wireless network.
If you need to connect to the network, which operates in broadcast hidden, then set its own parameters.Open the Control Center Network and Sharing Center.Select "Manage wireless networks."
Click "Add" and select the "Create a network profile manually."Fill in the table.Specify exactly those parameters that currently need to work your access point.Click "Next".
In the new window, click "Connect" and wait for a connection to the network equipment.Check the network activity.Try to open public files or perform other operations on a network PC.

Tip 2: How to enable wireless communications

Create your own wireless network is carried out using a variety of devices.In the home, typically they use Wi-Fi router.But sometimes wiser to connect the equipment of a different type.
How to enable wireless connection
you need
  • - Wi-Fi module;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you already have a desktop computer connected to the Internet, is used to create a wireless Wi-Fi network adapter.Such equipment is divided into two types: external adapters running via USB-channel and internal modules that are connected to the system board PC via PCI.
Select the desired device type.Note that to connect two or more mobile devices, you will need an adapter that supports access point mode.A striking example of such a device is a Wi-Fi module Asus PCI-G31.
Turn off the computer and plug the adapter into the PCI-slot motherboard.Position the antenna adapter into an available port.Turn on the PC and wait for the operating system.
When working in the Windows XP, install the drivers from a special disk that comes with the module.When operating systems Windows Seven or Vista Use the Ralink Wireless Utility.
After installing the appropriate software start customizing the parameters of the wireless module.Run the utility and then click the Soft + AP (STA + AP).
Change the next access point.In the SSID field, enter her name.Complete Count Authentication.To do this, select the authentication mode and specify the type of key.
Now enter the password required to protect your wireless network.If you are using WEP-encryption, its length should be six characters, and for the WPA (WPA2) - eight.
Fill in the Max numbers of peers.Specify the number of mobile devices, which will be simultaneously connected to the access point.Click Apply.Now right-click on the icon and select Utilities Soft + AP Mode.
wait for the download of the new menu, select an active connection to the Internet, which can access mobile devices.Connect your laptop to your access point.Check the connection.
  • how to set up a wireless network on a laptop


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