Tip 1: How to get into the BIOS on the Acer laptop

As you know, laptops are different from desktop PCs not only in appearance and location of the internal devices.As a rule, for laptops developed special "mobile" solutions with lower power consumption and size.The changes affect and BIOS.However, the differences are not so much.
Anyone who ran the Control Panel BIOS on any desktop PC already accustomed to frequent press the Del key to start the BIOS.This is due to the fact that the vast majority of motherboards same chip vendor basic input-output ("Basic Input-Output System" - BIOS).With laptops the situation is different - different manufacturers start key BIOS may vary.
Look carefully at the bottom of the screen when you turn on the laptop.Either the left or on the right bottom of the screen briefly appears type "Press F2 to enter setup".Perhaps the inscription on your laptop will be a little different, but the most important thing - remember that the key specified in this line.It is this key role played by "Delete" button wh
en you start a conventional computer.
Restart the laptop if you do not have time to press on time and immediately after the start of loading several times, click on the previously mentioned key (many not to make a mistake, use the technique of repeatedly pressing until the appearance of the screen BIOS).
also desired key can be obtained from the manual to use the motherboard installed on your laptop.The guide (often referred to as "manual") look for the section "Bios Features".It is described step by step process not only call up the BIOS, but also recommendations for configuring your laptop as well as a description of all items contained therein.
Download guidance on the use of the motherboard with the official website of the manufacturer of your notebook if a paper version of the manual was for one reason or another lost.

Tip 2: How to configure the BIOS for disk

PC users often have problems setting up Bios to boot from the disc .This function is needed not only to start the installation of Windows, but also for the diagnosis of the operating system utilities.
How to configure the BIOS for disk
First you need to enter the BIOS - for this, restart the computer and as soon as the test device and the letters appear on a black screen, press Delete.For new motherboards and notebooks can also use the key F2.Menu navigation is done Bios arrows.To cancel an action using Esc, to reboot - Ctrl + Alt + Delete, to save the changes - Enter.
Select Advanced Bios Features and press Enter.In the menu, find the items First Boot Device, Second Boot Device (depending on the version of the motherboard and Bios, the name may be slightly different).These options are responsible for the order of devices from which to boot the operating system.By default, the first item is selected Floppy, Second Hard Disk, and the third - Cd-Rom.Highlight First Boot Device, press the enter key, the arrow, select the download Cd-Rom and then press the enter.Next, highlight Second Boot Device and set it value Hard Disk.Then exit to the main menu Bios, select Save and Exit Setup, and confirm to save changes.Now, your operating system will boot from the disk.
After the necessary actions to install Windows or system diagnostics, replace the previous boot order, otherwise the procedure of loading from the disc will be performed again and again.To do this, re-enter the Bios, menu Advanced Bios Features.Then select First Boot Device, set the value of its Hard Disk.The Second Boot Device to set the Cd-Rom.
Note: If you adjust Bios Be careful, incorrect settings may adversely affect the operation of the system.
In studying the BIOS settings, pay special attention to the possibility of resetting the values ​​set by the manufacturer, but even knowing this, do not try to change everything, becausechange some of the parameters may lead to the fact that even the restart does not help and you have to carry a laptop to a repair shop.
Helpful Hint
should be noted that this technique is not only suitable for Acer notebooks but also for all the others.
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