Use the Print Screen key on your keyboard to place the image with computer monitor screen to the clipboard.On a standard keyboard, this button is located above the Insert key, and the right number of function keys - just behind press F12.In place of its compact keyboard placement may be different, but most should still look in the upper right block of keys.Sometimes it is marked abbreviated inscription PrtScn.
Press the Print Screen, hold down the ALT, if you need to take a screenshot of the screen not just , but only the windows of the active application, such as a browser.
Use any editing to preserve placed on the clipboard image.For example, if you installed Adobe Photoshop, start it and press the keyboar
d shortcut CTRL + N, to create a new document.Photoshop will determine the dimensions are on the clipboard image, so to change anything in the dialogue of creating a new document is not necessary - just click «OK».
Press the key combination CTRL + V, to paste the copied image in the graphics editor created a new document.If necessary, you can edit it here also as necessary.Then press the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + S, to open a dialogue to optimize and save the screenshot .Select the format of your pictures, set the optimum quality settings and click "Save".In the Save dialog, specify the file name and location of storage and re-press "Save".
Use any specialized program if you often have to take screenshots with their subsequent processing.For example, it may be a program SnagIt, which has a mass of very useful functions.In particular, it can not only create static screenshots and record video occurring on the screen moves.In addition, the program has a very advanced editor to make a screenshot, while having a simple control system.