Tip 1: How to remove Skype account

At this point in time distributed software Voip communication called Skype.Millions of users each day make a large number of video calls worldwide.However, practice shows that many problems typically associated with the removal of their account of the service.If you follow certain rules, such difficulties do not arise.
you need
  • PC, internet, skype
If you want to delete your account from the server Skype, it is impossible, as in the program of such a function is not.This is done simply for common security.You can change your e-mail to any other or specially created for this purpose.More is not necessary to enter the program through this account.At the expiration of 22 days your login disappears from the user and the search will not be available.If you are after this period go into Skype through this account, then everything will fall into place.Login will be available for search.
now about how to delete a user account from the computer.This problem can occur when on Skyp
e was made with the input of your computer.You do not nuzhen.Odnako his nickname should be noted that it is preserved, and you will periodically remind yourself.To do this, follow the same path.Click Start, then Run.Type in the following command to enter the "Application data \ Skype".
In the window (Explorer), you will see a folder with all user accounts who visited ever with your PC.Now delete the ones you do not need.That's the easiest way to delete user accounts service Skype.

Tip 2: How to change account

Windows offers the user a fairly comfortable and the desired function - an entry .How many users, so many accounts can be created.They may have administrator rights or restricted use of several programs, some of them are password-protected, some can also be opened for each user.
change account
Sometimes we need to move from one to another, for example, to use the authority specific account.How do we get into the menu of accounts?
Certainly, many have seen when you launch the 'Log Off' - this means that you do not turn off your computer, you can freely move from one account to another.In Windows 7, you can do so by clicking on the arrow next to "Shut Down", which is also located in the menu «Start»
After that, we also have a choice: either to leave all applications and programs to work in aaccount and at the same time enter into another by pressing the "Change an entry », or completely out of one and also enter into another account record , pressing "Exit".So we can freely and endlessly traveling to different accounts and use different applications.
So, go to the menu «Start»
Click "Change account record »
from the list of proposed names, select the necessary andclick on it.
  • how to change your nickname on Skype


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