you need
  • computer, a boot disk with the operating system Windows
1 Turn on the computer.Insert the boot disk of the operating system in the computer's optical drive.After rebooting the PC continuously press F5 (depending on the model of the motherboard, alternate keys can be F8 or F12).
menu appears select the option you start the computer.As a source of start-up, select your optical drive (CD / DVD) and press Enter.Wait a few seconds for the disc in the drive does not spin up.Then the screen will show "Press any key to start the driveĀ» (press ani key boot from cd).Accordingly, press any key on the ke
After this drive will start and begin the process of downloading files in the computer's memory.Wait until the first dialog box in which to select "System Restore."Windows will be scanned for errors, missing files will be restored.The computer will reboot and have run in normal mode.
If after you select the source of your boot drive, nothing happened, you need to select the device in the BIOS boot.To do this, turn on the computer, and immediately after the press DEL.Then you get into the BIOS menu.In it, select First primary device.At this point you can enter the startup order of the computer.As the first source boot your PC, select your optical drive.To do this, just around the number "1", press Enter, and then displays a list of devices.In this list, select your optical drive (CD / DVD) and press Enter.
then exit the BIOS menu.To do this, click on the line Exit press Enter.There will be a window asking you save the settings.In this window, click Save And Exit.The computer restarts, and the system starts to run from a bootable disk.Further procedure is the same as in the preceding paragraph.