In each of the versions of Microsoft Windows installation language MUI-packet looks about the same, some steps may be omitted or added options, but in general the installation of Russian or any other language on top of Englishidentical as XP, and on 7. It should be noted that in Windows 7, this feature is available only for users of distributions of Windows 7 Enterprise (Enterprise) and Windows 7 Ultimate (maximum).Download language packs available at the official site of Microsoft Windows:

Russian language are invited to set via the Internet using the Update Windows Update.It should be in the control panel to enable automatic updates and a firewall (Firewall).
in editions of Windows Vista
or Windows 7, go to the Update Windows.This can be done through the "Start» - Control Panel, or by entering the Windows Update query string to search for applications.
Check Microsoft Update via the Internet by clicking on the button Check online for updates from Microsoft Update, and wait for Windows to connect to the server and check out the latest update files.At this time, it needs a stable high-speed connection to the Internet.
If updates are found, click on the item Optional updates are available.This will display a list of language packs that you can install.Tick ​​the appropriate yazkk ("Russian" or Russian), then click on OK, and - Install updates.
After downloading a language pack, you must apply it and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.If you want to be required to enter an administrator password if you're trying to install a new language from a guest account.