When using versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7 to enable the display volume icon in the system tray you should open a section "Control Panel" - it's called "System Icons".This is most easily done through the taskbar.Hover over the icon display hidden icons - it's the arrow at the left edge of the taskbar notification area.Click the right mouse button and the pop-up context menu, select "Properties".
Column "System Icons" window that opens, locate the message "Volume".In the column "Behavior" in front of the label placed drop-down list with two items - choose a line in it "On".
Below the table in the window, put two l
inks for further action.Click on the first of them - "Customize notification icons."In the same window will load a new page with the same table.Again, get it line "Volume".At this time the drop-down list in the column "Behavior" will contain three options - to set the "Show icon and notifications" and click OK.White icon with the stylized image of the speaker to appear in the system tray.
You may need to return another icon - Call Manager icon Realtek HD.It looks exactly the same as the icon system controller sound , but is colored orange, and is designed to call the driver sound with more detailed settings of sound reproduction.If you do not use the icon for a while, then OS put it in the list of hidden icons.Click on the button "Show hidden icons" at the right edge of the tray and on the list will find this icon.
can instruct the system will never hide the icon .Click "Show hidden icons" right-click, select "Properties" and click on the link 'Customize notification icons. "In the column "Icons" find the inscription «HD Audio Control Panel» near a red icon and a drop-down list, select "Show icon and notifications."To commit the changes, click OK.