Tip 1: How to choose a computer for home

computers on the market, as well as components for them - a great many.The computer for the home, in contrast to his office, is not only a work tool.At present, the computer is able to perform a variety of functions that can be called and the center of family entertainment.Therefore, his choice should be treated with special attention
Selecting the place of purchase.

The computers are now trading around the major supermarkets of home appliances, small and large computer stores.They are made to order, sometimes made design samples.Options for the acquisition of a computer a great many, but by far the most trusted place to buy the PC is a specialized computer store.His choosing to be guided by the following principle: the older the market this store, so it is safer.If the shop is on the market for several years, this means that it is firmly occupied its niche, and consumers trust him.
Selecting the appropriate configuration of your computer.

If you come from the beginning of t
he home computer with a desire to spend less money, then you have already lost.Modern home computer must be purchased with a reserve capacity of key parameters such as CPU, video card, memory.This is due to the fact that at the moment the market is available as software products that require greater and greater computer resources, which is much more economical to acquire once powerful computer system than to cry every time "brake" and "glitches" in half a year after its acquisition.
Starting price of 18-20 thousand. Rubles, you can buy yourself a good computer in the parameters, which will be enough for 2-3 years full use.

Just do not forget about the firms producing components.

Motherboard: Asus, Intel, MSI.

Video Card: XfX, Palit.

Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda, Samsung.

Drive: Sony, Toshiba, Samsung.

These brands have long been time-tested and users around the world, and so is your chance to come across a poor-quality product is much lower.
Choice peripherals.

purchasing the computer, do not forget that you may need in addition to him and others that connect to a computer device.This printer, scanner, copier, external storage devices (flash drives, portable hard drives) and more.Therefore, to objectively evaluate the whole range of functions, which will be on your next computer.

Tip 2: How to choose a computer

Do not be afraid of this event.Selection occurs about the personal computer as well as any household appliance, cellular phone, car, i.e.according to certain criteria required.
How to choose a computer
Before buying a personal computer (hereinafter PC), originally set a goal, that is,for what you will use it.Conventionally, you can define three targets purpose PC: office, gaming and professional versions.

Professional drop immediately, because the choice of the PC - a separate conversation.Office PC - there is no particular complexity of choice, just buy the one that suits your needs for finance and externally longer attracted.Game PC combines a full-fledged office PC, plus the ability to play computer games, as well as most suitable for the practice of a profession.

addition target, calculate the budget, you want to keep.Decide on filling the system unit and start with the motherboard, then the processor, RAM, graphics card, hard drive, CD drive, power supply, and, of course, housing.

motherboard, processor, RAM, graphics card

In no case do not choose a motherboard by price or brand.Pay attention to the four main criteria: the chipset, socket, memory type, the presence of the maximum number of expansion slots.

Decide chipset - be it Intel or AMD, and choose the most fresh.From the choice of chipset depends on what type of processor you bet.

most important criterion when buying a processor - it is compatible with your chosen chipset and therefore socket.Further, depending on the budget, which is selected on the basis of the number of cores and clock speed.

RAM is never too much, so there is, based on the budget is determined by the number of gigabytes.

video card - is the main brain, which is used to build computer games charts, and more powerful graphics card, the faster and better drawn graphic image.

Hard Drive, CD-ROM drive, power supply and chassis

recommend using SSD-drives, which are famous for high speed read / write.But these devices have two main disadvantages: the high price per gigabyte and short service life in active use.The best option - the purchase of SSD-drive small volume to install the operating system and the classic SATA3 hard drive for data.

Set "omnivorous" drive that can read and write to Blu-Ray format.

Remember, the more powerful components, the more they are heated and consume energy.Accordingly, the power supply does not have to work at the limit, and the case must be selected with a good cooling system.

With regards to the monitor, keyboard, mouse and all the rest, in the selection of these devices use your taste and budget.
How to choose a computer - professional advice!
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How to choose a computer - professional advice!


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