Before proceeding to a detailed selection laptop , to determine: what you want to buy.Identify the purpose of purchasing this product.Perhaps, after thinking about these issues, you decide to buy a netbook rather than a full-fledged laptop.Select a diagonal future devices.
If you plan to use your laptop only at home then you will fit any model that satisfies your needs regarding product specifications.Think about whether you will run on a laptop or gaming applications with high system requirements.If not, then buy a laptop with an integrated video adapter.
This will save 2-3 thousand rubles.Integrated graphics card is sufficient for internet surfing, office applications and even to run some games.
Otherwise, buy a laptop with a separate full-fle
dged graphics card.One GB - the minimum recommended amount of memory video.
Now let's explore the nuances of buying a laptop , which you will use when traveling or just away from home.For this category of products is very important one parameter: the operating time without recharging the battery.You should begin, naturally, with the choice of the battery itself.Shestikletochny recommended to use the battery that runs on lithium ion.
Notice power laptop .Yes, no one disputes that the 4 core processor, 4GB of memory and a video card game - it's good.But there is one big disadvantage: the more powerful laptop, the more it consumes energy, ie,the sooner he will be discharged.So if you do not need a very powerful laptop, get mediocre performance of the model.
Returning to the issue of cards.Modern laptops are equipped with two video cards: integrated and integrated.This small aspect of a huge advantage: you can enjoy your favorite game from home, and when it is necessary to extend the battery life on a single charge, you simply switch the card.Integrated graphics adapter consumes much less energy and, therefore, the laptop will last longer.