important to know how big your hard drive.Cover for him to be somewhat larger.Acquire Case with brilliant performance, but you can not put your hard drive does not make sense.
Decide you need a cover for daily use or solely for travel over long distances.For daily use, purchase soft covers, to carry a hard drive on a long distance is best suited shockproof case.No need to skimp on security.Data protection on the disc is no less important than the preservation of the disc itself.To protect the disk from unauthorized access, buy a case not only shockproof, but also with the ability to encode information.
Soft cases for frequent use made of different materials.Determine what is needed for you in terms of price / quality.They set.It may
just be a soft quilted material or porous and moisture repellent neoprene, or light and resilient ethylene vinyl acetate, or rugged wear-resistant nylon, or moisture-proof polyethylene.But in any case the material should be durable, resistant to shock.
carefully examine the interior trim cover, because it is in contact with the hard drive.It should be soft and gentle touch.Otherwise, your removable disk may be scratched when carrying (transportation).
If, in addition to the hard disk, you want to carry in the bag and the USB-cable, note whether the case pocket for him.Buckle at the boot should be durable and reliable.Otherwise, the hard disk can fall out.Cases without buckles are even more vulnerable.
covers available in a variety of colors, with pictures and without them.Stop the choice on the color and pattern that will delight every time you take the cover from the hard disk to another.