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Buy wheels is depending on what information you want to save them.You should also consider what drives supported by your optical drive.Now most computers are optical drives that support all formats, in addition to Blu-ray.Blu-ray - this is a new disc format is not yet very common.The volume of the drive format gigabyte 25/50.
for storing text information, documents, spreadsheets, better use of conventional wheels CD / R.Although their total capacity of 700 megabytes, for such files is quite enough.In addition, these drives completely supported by any optical drive.It is possible that the recorded documents necessary to open an office on the old computer, where the optical drive
does not read the DVD disc format.Besides DVD drives are more expensive.
to record movies, software, video is better to buy DVD wheels .Files in this format typically take up much space, and a DVD of such information will be written much more than a CD / R.In addition, you will be sure that the entire space is filled with the DVD will.If you are going to record a lot of films, it is better to buy a DVD to the big boxes of 20 discs and more.So it will be cheaper.
For photos also better to buy DVD wheels .Modern digital cameras have a matrix of 10 megapixels.Some photos may occupy more than 10 megabytes.And considering that usually need to write a lot of pictures, then use the DVD will be very convenient.Also, if using a multisession burn then to DVD will be constantly adding new photos is not completely exhausted the memory disk.
If you need to use the drive as a temporary storage of information, and to transfer information from one computer to another, buy a DVD / RW.In this type of disc can be rewritten many times the information.