Decide interface

sale can be found as the wheels of IDE, and the bus drives SATA.Which option to choose?IDE to date, is outdated interface.In 2003, he was replaced by SATA.The new standard provides higher data transfer rate.Disc with an IDE is to purchase only if your computer for about ten years and it does not have full support for SATA.

Today went on sale wheels with updated versions of the interface SATA - the second and third revision.What to choose?Theoretically, SATA 3-twice as fast as its predecessor.But in fact, the difference in the speed of data transmission is not present, because the classic hard drive using magnetic plates can not run as fast.

Selecting volume

Select the hard drive you need, so that best suit your needs.In the first place when you buy a hard drive
often put volume.Normally buyers come from a simple principle - the more, the better.

In many ways, this approach is justified.Modern games and movies in HD-resolution can quickly fill even a capacious drive.In addition, the larger the hard drive, the cheaper one gigabyte.One disc 2 TB will cost about 30% less than the volume of two drives for 1TB.

But if you want to buy a hard disk, the amount of which exceeds 2.2 terabytes, remember that it can fully operate far from each computer.First, work with such drives must support your motherboard, as the program level (BIOS) and the hardware (controller).Second, not all versions of operating systems support work with such drives.For normal operation requires a 64-bit operating systems, starting with Windows Vista.

speed and reliability

on the speed of your hard drive depends on the performance of the entire system.It affects the speed of loading the operating system, launching applications, opening large files.

One of the key factors affecting the performance of the hard drive, a spindle speed.It is measured in revolutions per minute.For home and office use is issued two types of drives - operating at 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm.

If you plan to install on your hard drive, and operating system software, select the HDD, the engine which develops the 7200 revolutions.In the case of hard drive to store files is better to choose a slower model.The fact that such discs less noisy, almost no heat and consume less energy.

If you want to significantly speed up your computer, you can stop the choice is not on the usual hard disks using magnetic plates, and solid-state drives (SSD).They use flash memory, it is absolutely quiet and provide a high speed.Due to absence of moving parts, they are not afraid mechanical effects.

They also have disadvantages.They are considerably more expensive than the classic hard drives.Resource SSD limited to a certain number of write cycles, after which the drive becomes unusable.In fairness it should be noted that manufacturers are working hard to eliminate this disadvantage and have had some success.

recently appeared selling hybrid hard drives.This drives the magnetic plates using multiple gigabyte of flash memory as a buffer, wherein caching the most frequently used files.It is a compromise between the SSD and HDD.They work faster than conventional hard drives, with the cost significantly cheaper SSDs.

What drives the most reliable?Any producer are both successful and failing model.To identify the problems should take some time.So do not rush to buy the new model at the time of its release to the market.It is better to wait a few months and get acquainted with the owners.If you can not wait so long, you should get a model that has already established itself as positive.