problem functionality

From the point of view of one of the possible criteria - functionality - the unit of the company Apple, running the operating system IOS, comes out on top.He had established himself a reliable assistant in work, study and leisure.Apple App Store offers a huge selection of high-quality programs for every taste.In addition to standard telephony features (call, sms, mail, etc.), you can listen to music, watch your favorite TV shows, control costs, keep a diary to monitor the health and even talk with built-in assistant Siri.All of these features are implemented quickly, without lags and errors due to perfectly optimized operating system.Fans of Apple products appreciate the convenient synchronization between phone and PC.

Blackberry phones are almost identical Iphone4 on formal specifications, but losing his fu
nctionality.The main advantage of Blackberry - the ability to choose a model with a full size keyboard and expand the internal memory with a card.Despite the dominance of modern touch screens, is a large number of fans of hardware buttons.For the rest, Blackberry falls far short of the apparatus of the company Apple.Blackberry OS, may not be less secure.But for now, the main advantage of mobile OS is a large selection of quality applications, and from this point of view, Blackberry large gaps.

Talk about Vertu in the context of the functionality does not make sense.Phones running a modified Android OS.But they are not fans of multifunction devices, and on the other end.It is difficult to imagine that the owner of such an expensive device installed many third-party applications.

style as a selection criterion

Phones Vertu - synonymous with prestige to some and unnecessary spending for others.The prices for these unusual smartphones are so different from the prices of all other manufacturers that compare Vertu with something else to become, in a sense impossible.In terms of price / quality Vertu, perhaps, would be the last of the three.The body of a titanium alloy and precious metals Vertu does not make the best smartphone and expensive accessory for the rich people.

If you want to find a middle ground between the two criteria, then your choice is likely to be Iphone4.In addition to strong technical stuffing, the phone has a recognizable thin case with aluminum frame.An abundance of accessories to help decorate your device and make it unique and memorable.