If you plan to often take a laptop with you, choose a screen size less than 15 inches.Pay attention to the resolution of the monitor.Do not select a model with a very high resolution - the font is too small and during prolonged work with the texts of the eyes begin to tire.An increase font settings will negate the benefits of such a monitor.The best choice is the screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or 1280 x 800.
working laptop screen surface should be matte.Despite all the assurances of producers, glossy finish reflects like a mirror, and increased brightness and increased contrast
of the image is not noticeable when working with text documents.These monitors are more suitable for watching movies and videos.
Laptop Keyboard is different from the full-length, used for desktops.Therefore, be sure to confirm whether it is convenient for you to test the placement of buttons and pressing them.The keyboard does not have much to cave in under the pressure of the fingers.Keep in mind that the black letters on a light background are read better than the reverse option.This is especially important when working in dark places.
speed of the laptop depends on the processor.For comfortable work with new versions of office applications processor frequency to be 1.8-2.5 GHz.Pay attention to the amount of memory (RAM).It should be at least 1 GB.But the best option would be 2-4 GB.Consult your dealer about the possibility of installing additional modules.
for wireless laptop should be equipped with a module WI-Fi.If you need to go online in places where there is no network WI-Fi, then choose a laptop equipped with a built-in 3G.An additional advantage may be the availability of 4G / LTE, data transfer speed 4G networks comparable to the speed of Internet access.
For text you do not need to buy a model with a discrete graphics card.Enough built-in video memory up to 2 GB.Filing does not need a large amount of hard disk.The best option 320-500 GB.Note the number of ports USB.It is desirable that the notebook had no fewer than four sockets for connecting peripheral devices.
If you plan to wear it every day with a laptop, pay attention to build quality housing and the weight.An important parameter will be the battery life.Optimally, if the laptop can operate autonomously for 3-4 hours.According to these parameters, you can pick up a low-cost model, the purchase of which will cost in the range $ 500-600.