In order to make the right choices, you must first calculate the volume of products that you intend to print per month.If you are printing less than 1 thousand sheets per month, then you will approach a small laser printer.If you are relying on a monthly printout sheets in 5000, in which case you will need a high-speed printer with the best technical indicators.And if you intend to use the technique to the maximum, the most powerful purchase a printer that is designed for a large amount of work.
is also necessary to determine the format of the document you will print.As of today one of the most popular formats is considered A4 (297h210 mm), and the printers are designed specifically for this format, you can often find in stores.But sometimes you want t
o print larger sheets.Thus, for A3 (2 times larger than A4) and the printer requires more.Naturally, this unit will cost more.Formats exceeding A3 size, are already in the professional engineering and print them using plotters.
Next, you need to deal with print quality that you require.If you intend to print documents for internal use within the office, you'll like the printer with an average print quality.For important documents, brochures, flyers should choose high-quality machines.
When choosing a printer, you must take into account the type of paper you will use.For each printer, use the appropriate type of paper.
And most importantly, what you should look for when choosing - color or black-and-white printer you need.Machines with color printing is expensive, so if you do not use this feature, it is better to stay at the black-and-white printer.But it is important that the technical characteristics of this machine were appropriate.