you need
  • - microphone;
  • - headphones or speakers for audio output.
First, turn on the computer, wait for the download and prepare the defective microphone.If it works from the connectors on the rear side of the chassis, you can easily connect it to try and front panel .Usually there is a connector pink (microphone icon ).To test suitable program that comes bundled with the sound card drivers (for example, the controller Realtek HD) or "Recording", which can be easily found, follow the path of "Start» - & gt;"All Programs» - & gt;«Standard» - & gt;"Entertainment".
How do I turn the microphone on
If the microphone is not included (this may signal a fixed scale recording), then first check software including
microphone .Look for the system tray speaker icon, and then double-click on it.In the main window, the sound settings, select "Properties» - & gt;"Mixer» - & gt;input device (input).For example, it may be a Realtek HD Audio Input.Select Settings «Mic Volume».Close the window, you will see the volume control recording microphone . microphone icon must be active and set for at least half of the scale.An alternative route for these settings: "Control Panel» - & gt;"Sounds and Audio Devices» - & gt;"Audio» - & gt;"Sound recording» - & gt;"Volume".
If the record still is not, check the auto-detection mode nests front panel .This window manager the program responsible for your audio devices.Replace the top tick as shown in the photo and then check the microphone recording .Often it is because of the active auto-detect a conflict of audio devices.
How do I turn the microphone on
If you do not succeed, you should restart your computer and enter the BIOS.There, open the menu "Advanced Settings".In the "Chipset Configuration" option may be "Front Panel Control".Force set its value as the «Enabled" (instead of the «Auto").After rebooting, try to re-activate the microphone front panel .
Another danger may await you if you assembled the PC motherboard is not connected audioshleyf front panel .You can check this, open the side cover if the system unit and to inspect the connection.If you have a manual for the motherboard, which shows the connectors and you have pinpointed where you want to insert audioshleyf, you can do it yourself.Warning - if your computer is new, and its housing is sealed, you should seek assistance from the sellers, not to lose the guarantee.
How do I turn the microphone on