Tip 1: How to install a printer driver

Printers, as well as many other computer devices to work properly require the installation of special software - drivers.After all, the printer can be released much later systems installed on the computer.In this case, the system "knows" how to manage it by the printer.To avoid such problems - and manufacturers release driver program, which "explain" system - how to do it with this device.
you need
  • Usually when buying a printer driver attached to it on the CD.This disc and will be required when installing the driver.If you have lost it, or even, for some reason, this disc is not - the program must be downloaded from the printer manufacturer.
If you do not have a CD with drivers - will have to find them on the manufacturer's website.The main body of the printer, always have information about the company that produced it and how, what kind of model of the printer.With the help of the search engines find the site of the manufacturer.On this site, you need to find your model in the
"customer support", "file archive", "download".Once you have found your model - need to select the system for which you are downloading the driver.By selecting it, download the program proposed by the manufacturer.It should be noted that the part of the driver, which you can find on the site - released later than the drivers supplied with the equipment when buying.This allows the manufacturer to correct some errors of previous versions, use a more modern printing technology to improve speed and make new drivers more informative.Always, if possible, download updated drivers from the manufacturer's website.
Now that you have a program or CD, run the installation or double-click on the downloaded file, or simply insert the disk.The installer will ask you to select the folder in which it will be installed files.In most cases there is no need to change the way in which it is installed by default.When prompted to connect the printer, plug it into the USB-port of the computer and turn on.The installation will continue automatically.
Sometimes, after installing the drivers, you must restart the computer.Do it when the installer will ask you about it.

Tip 2: How to install on your computer the printer driver

run correctly printer to a computer, you must install the appropriate driver .With it, the system recognizes the connected equipment and processes user commands associated with printing documents.
As the computer install the printer driver
Usually, driver comes with the printer.Insert the installation disc, if it does not automatically start, open the CD through the element of "My Computer" icon and click on the setup.exe or install.exe.The process of installing automated, you only need to follow the instructions of "Installation Wizard."
In the event that the installation disc is lost, you can download the appropriate driver from the Internet.Read in the documentation supplied with the hardware or on the body of your printer his model and series.Start the browser and visit the official website of the manufacturer.Locate and open the menu page "Drivers."
in the appropriate fields enter the data required for the printer and installed on your computer operating system.Click on Download («Load").Select the directory you want to save the installation file driver well.Wait until the operation is completed.
When the rope is loaded, go to the directory where you saved the file.Click on its icon left mouse button will start "Setup Wizard."Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the operation.
If unpacked driver file with the extension .inf, you can install it using the "Add Printer Wizard".It is invoked from the folder "Printers and Faxes" in the "Control Panel."Walk a few first steps by clicking on the "Next" button.After reaching the item "Install Software printer », select in the "Manufacturer" your printer manufacturer .
in the "printer", click "Have Disk", will open a new dialog box, click it on the button "Browse" and navigate to the file with information about the printer in the format .inf.Complete the installation process by following the "Masters."If desired, print a test page.
Do not connect the printer to the computer before installing the driver!Do this only when you receive a message about it from the installation program or after driver installation.
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