Modern monitors have a wide list of options that should be considered when choosing a particular model.

Statistics technological characteristics of the monitors in 2014

- LED backlight technology is gaining momentum and reached 92% of the market;
- most purchased screen- 21.5 inches (20.5% of the market);
- 6.5 times became popular aspect ratio 16: 9 than 16:10;
- very small share have touch screens (0.4% of the world market).

sales leader in the global market is now a Dell (14,9% of the market), the second place belongs to Samsung (13,2%), the third-HP (11.5%).In the fourth place settled LG (10,5%), and closes the top five Lenovo (6%).

Recent innovations include monitors

NEC has introduced a new 23.8-inch monitor.Its main advantage was the AH-IPS matrix with a resolution of 384
0h2160.Monitor shines a wide range of 4.3 trillion shades that provided by GB-r-LED backlight, its contrast ratio of 1000: 1, viewing angles of 178-degrees.A new feature is also the stand of the display that is adjustable in height for greater ease of operation, as it can be tilted and rotated.In America, this monitor is evaluated in 1349 dollars.

now becoming more popular 4K replacing technology 3D, especially among gamers.For example, Acer has shown a novelty - 3840h2180 screen pixels (4K), 28 inches.The monitor supports viewing angles of 170 degrees, introduced a system of reduced brightness to 15%.Stand monitor can tilt the display at an angle of 5-35 degrees.An important advantage of the screen - is the maintenance of the hardware synchronization NVIDIA G-Sync, which eliminates image distortion.The cost of the new screen has not yet been announced.

Small PC The company introduced a new touch technology to the screen (maximum security) Marine LCD Display, 24-inch.This monitor is protected from moisture, as well as the perfect definition of the image, even in bright sunlight, which is achieved due to the improved optical technology.Display backlight LED works on low power, so fans are not required.This monitor is both a full-fledged computer, since it contains a processor Intel i3 / i5 / i7.In addition, there is a cheaper version in which there is an excellent readability in bright sunlight and you can not multi-point sensor.The price of the monitor has not yet announced.