Tip 1: How to disable the touchpad on a laptop

When using a laptop, you can use an analog standard computer mouse - touchpad (Touch Pad).This device, located just below the keyboard, which can completely replace the computer mouse.The advantages of this device include quiet operation keys and a compact size.On the downside - the inconvenience to navigation, especially in computer games or graphic editors.
you need
  • System and software disable the touchpad works.
Most laptop manufacturers use the touch panel (touchpad) on Synaptics.This company is not the first year has been producing touch panels.With application software, you can edit the parameters, which were originally incorporated into the work of touchpads (sensitivity of the device, click speed, scrolling, etc.).The latest versions of these touch panels allow you to lock the notebook.Unlock laptop can only one who has locked, the technology of "fingerprint."
To disable the touchpad on your laptop you must go to the properties of the touch panel or go to the pro
gram Synaptics Pointing Device Driver, which is responsible for the touchpad.The program allows you to disable the device until the next system boot or in full.
To go to the properties of the touch pad to press "Start" menu select "Control Panel", then select "Mouse."In the window "Mouse Properties" tab, select "Device Options."Find the name of the device and unplug it.
disable the touch pad can be made using the hot keys on a laptop keyboard.Hold down the Fn key at the same time functional and key, which depicts a hand to touch the touchpad.To enable the touchpad do the same.

Tip 2: How to turn off the panel on the laptop

Near the laptop keyboard panel can be positioned with the auxiliary keys.They are designed to run a browser, text editor, player and others. If you use the computer as part of a multimedia kiosk uncontrolled launch programs this panel keys could compromise the safety of the machine.
How to turn off the panel on the laptop
to shut down the operating system on the laptop and wait for it to turn off automatically.Disconnect the computer and all attached peripherals.Remove the battery from the computer.
Hook screwdriver false panels, closing fee keypad.Carefully disengage the latch, remove the false panels.
Check whether the button on a laptop on the same board with the auxiliary keys.Even if this proves true, look, whether to connect this button a separate train.If a single trail, disconnect the computer from the motherboard of the loops, which refers to the modifier keys, and one that goes to the power button, do not leave the place.In case, if the plume from the power button, and the general auxiliary keys, you can not turn it off, and to lock the latter would have to use a hard cover.It should be thin enough, or when you close the laptop, it can crush the screen.
disconnected from the motherboard connector lay such a way that it does not interfere donning false panels.If you have it protruding contacts insulate them from the board with a thin film.Install false panels in place.Carefully secure it all snaps.
Replace laptop battery.Apply power to him, and all the peripherals.Press the power button - if done correctly, the machine should start.Waiting for boot, make sure that the auxiliary buttons are not working.Install the multimedia kiosk and set it up so that when running the program run any other applications can not be any shortcuts.
In case the need arises again to operate the laptop is a multimedia kiosk, again, do all of the above, but instead of the more disconnected keypad connect.
Each laptop (probably in all) is the key, which disables and includes a touchpad.And if you accidentally pressed the two keys, or other actions, the touchpad stops working.Then sypyatsya questions like "does not work touchpad", "How to enable the touchpad," etc... All is actually very simple, let's look at the ways in which you can enable or disable the touchpad is well on the laptop.
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not know how to disable the touchpad on a laptop?In this paper, we describe about disabling the touchpad on any notebook.For those who do not quite understand what the touchpad Laptop tell.The touchpad (touchpad) - this remarkable sensor device, which is designed specifically for laptops.Oddly, sometimes disable the touchpad on a laptop is easier than to turn it on.Depending on the model nouta, touchpad can be disabled in different ways.
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