The first step is to determine the size of the monitor.It determines the length of the diagonal of the screen (this is the most simple and clear response).In no case do not buy a monitor with a diagonal of 17-19 inches less - to work for such a device is very inconvenient.Diagonal 21-22 inches - ideal for the monitor.The larger screen is great for watching movies, but to work, they are not intended.
The next feature is the aspect ratio.You will hard
ly find a model of a 4: 3 - they almost completely disappeared from the shops.The most popular are monitors with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 or 16:10.When buying a widescreen monitor, you greatly simplify your work for him, because you no longer need to turn off the folder, and in the application and - zoom out.
for easy operation with text display brightness should be at least 80 cd / sqm.m. In that case, if you buy a monitor for watching video, the higher the value, the better.Remember that a monitor with excessive brightness can not hurt your eyes (after all the settings it can be reduced), but to increase the brightness in excess of fail.
contrast - the ratio of the luminance of the darkest and lightest parts of the image.At least the level of contrast of your monitor should be at least 500: 1.
Response Time shows the period during which one cell of the matrix changes its brightness with one value to another.With a large response time of fast-moving objects may seem blurred and indistinct, it is not critical in the event that you are working with text.However, for a pleasant and comfortable viewing of movies this figure should not exceed 8 ms, and for the complete disappearance of the adverse effects are needed 4-ms monitor models.
One of the biggest drawbacks of LCD monitors, is that when you look at the screen at an angle, the picture is much worse.Small viewing angle allows you to view the video in the company of friends, and a single user may have problems.It is recommended to choose a monitor with the value of the angle of view - 160 degrees vertically and horizontally.