you need
  • - adapter IDE;
  • - adapter USB.
In some cases, you may need this adapter?For example, you use the notebook for several years.After this time, any hard drive will be close to the depletion of their resources.In order not to lose all the data that is on this hard drive, this operation is performed.Data can be moved as a new hard drive of the same size, and the hard drive of a desktop computer.
As you know, to move information from one hard disk format 2.5-inch drive to another of the same size will need to purchase 2 adapter.But in the absence of funds for the second adapter, you can do just one, using a computer hard drive as temporary storage.
How is the connection to t
he computer?For IDE-cable from the motherboard connects the broad side of the adapter into the narrow part of the connector is inserted into the hard disk.From an adapter also extends the power cord, be sure to connect it to the power supply.The entire operation should be performed when the computer is turned off, it is desirable to completely disconnect.
When you start your computer happens detection of the new device.The operating system Windows XP, despite the version of Service Pack, will have to restart your computer.After re-booting the computer, you can begin to transfer the data.In the same way it connects the second hard disk (new), and all information is copied to it.
also have another option to connect a laptop hard drive to your computer: You can insert the disc into a special hdd-container, which forms a connection to the computer via usb-adapter.The speed of transmission via usb port will be significantly lower, but in general, the purchase of such a container is much more profitable to a conventional adapter.
recovered from the notebook hard drive must be inserted into the container and hdd-using usb-cable to connect the hard drive to the computer.