Let's start with the external monitor characteristics:
color.Standard factory design LCD-monitor, you can choose from: black, silver, black and silver, navy blue.But, of course, each customer can order the colors of your choice (for example, the color of the computer desk or interior).
Diagonal.Today, manufacturers of LCD monitors offer models with a diagonal of 15 inches minimum to a maximum of 22 inches.T
he choice depends on how you need inch monitor.
overall performance.Instead of the usual displays 4: 3 format (5: 4) You can also see a model with an aspect ratio of 16:10 (16: 9).These monitors are called widescreen.By purchasing this model, you will realize that you no longer need to turn off the necessary folders, and applications zoom out or close the toolbar.
Furthermore appearance of the LCD monitor, are also important and specifications.
brightness.This is the maximum limit of the brightness of your monitor (brightness standard is considered to be 300 cd / m 2).It is important if you work with dark images.
contrast controls.It depends on how many gray levels can create pixels (standard ranges from 600: 1 to 700: 1).It can be controlled from the monitor itself.The brightness and contrast of the LCD monitor should be comfortable for the eyes.
oscillation frequency.It affects the image quality and the speed of change of the image (it must be at least 75 Hz).
Angle.If you buy a monitor for yourself, the angle does not play a big role.But now the LCDs are increasingly being used to watch movies, and do not want to watch movies alone.In such a case, this factor is important, because a large viewing angle allows you to see the image on the screen, not only in front of the screen, but also by his side.At present, the largest viewing angle of 178 degrees is considered.
screen resolution.The standard resolution is 1280: 1024, but what it is, the better the image you'll see.
electricity consumption.This is quite an important feature of the monitor for the budget users, as more economical than your LCD (LCD) LCD monitor, the less you have to pay for electricity.