Turn off your laptop.If you have Sony's latest models then to enter the BIOS, boot press key F2.If necessary, enter your password.In some models the actual pressing F2, but it is more related to the old version.In very rare models found F3.No harm will be familiar with the specification of the motherboard.
To do this, see it marked in Device Manager.To do this, under the menu item "Start", right-click on the position of "My Computer."You will be displayed a new small window with the parameters of the notebook and the operating system.Under "Hardware" select "Device Manager."
find on the list your motherboard, remember its model, get on the Internet, how will still be correct to get into the BIOS on this model.If you can not.try to find the right co
mbination for your computer by trial and read the manuals that are included.
If you have a Dell laptop older, use the keyboard shortcut F2 + Esc, or some other button that appears on the screen when the computer boots.If you have a laptop Dell Studio, try a combination of keys Esc + F1.
To get into BIOS laptop Toshiba, use the same method as in the preceding paragraph (Esc + F1), but please note that some of its models support the launch of the BIOS when you press F8.
If you have a laptop Packard-Bell, Gateway - be sure to see what is written on the boot screen, try using a combination of previously worked Esc + F1, Esc + F2.
Acer Some use a combination of pressing three keys - Alt + ctrl + Esc.For rare models of Dell and HP is characterized by pressing F3 to access the BIOS.