Tip 1: How do I change the contrast on a laptop

properly tuned can improve the contrast of the monitor image and color perception.Screens conventional desktop systems have to configure the corresponding key directly on the display, while the buttons are not laptops.
Most laptops have on your keyboard corresponding keys which allow you to adjust the brightness only.However, the contrast can be easily changed in the settings of the video card driver built into the laptop.
If the laptop video card installed on Nvidia, the contrast of the display can be adjusted via the control panel driver.To do this, click the right touchpad button (or mouse) on the desktop and select "Control Panel Nvidia».
Navigate to "Adjusting Color Wallpaper" from the link on the left side of the program window.Select "Use same settings as Nvidia», then adjust the desired level by using the slider under "Contrast".
If the laptop's video card from ATI, to begin with, download the latest driver Catalyst.It is similar to the control panel functions
from Nvidia.Click the Advanced tab Color (color) on the left side of the program.Adjust the contrast using the corresponding slider Contrast, and then apply the settings.
for embedded graphics Intel Graphics enough to choose in the driver point "Characteristic curves» - & gt;"Color Settings", where with the help of the same slider you can adjust the desired brightness and contrast settings.
To change the contrast for watching movies or any images, you can still use the application being used.For example, VLC media access to these settings via the Settings menu item Extended "Toolbox" program.The third-party image viewer also shows the function settings display, which is located in the "Options" - "Display Options" ("Adjusting the image").

Tip 2: How to increase the contrast

Unfortunately, even the most advanced camera can not pass around us the light and color in full.For this reason it is often necessary to use graphic editors.With their help, you can fix photo flaws, and make the picture much better and more enjoyable.The most common problem - the lack of contrast .However, having a small amount of knowledge, we can fix it.
How to increase the contrast
you need
  • Photoshop picture.
Open the photo in the program Adobe Photoshop.Duplicate the layer.We use the filter "Color Contrast".It will not only make the picture more contrast, but also clearer.Click on the layer copy.Click the menu item "Filter - Other - The color contrast."Select the desired radius.For some images better suited a small radius, for others - large.It's a matter of taste.With experience, you do learn to understand what value is put in a given situation.
How to Increase
After applying the filter layer becomes dull and unsympathetic.Do not worry, he will show up at the correct application of the blending modes.It is best suited mode "Hard light" and "Overlap."But it all depends on photography and what you want to get out of it.Flatten the layers and save the result in the format .jpg.
How to Increase
This is one of the easiest ways to increase the value contrast and sharpness.You can also use tools such correction as "Levels", "curves" and "Brightness / Contrast".But they need to master at a sufficient level, otherwise you risk losing a lot of detail and color and get overexposed places and dips in the shadows.
  • where the laptop configuration


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