Tip 1: How do I find a motherboard on a laptop

User laptop or an employee of service for repair of laptops may need to know the model name of the motherboard.This is true if the laptop is running.The proposed guide will tell you how to define maternal fee in laptop without interfering with its hardware.Consider this for the Windows operating system and software CPU-Z - it is quite common on the web, has a small size and is free of charge.
you need
  • installed operating system family of Windows;
  • Internet connection;
  • installed browser;
Connect to the Internet regular way, which it is provided in your system Windows.
Start browser and enter the address enter http://cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html , then press Enter.Before you see a site of the program CPU-Z.In the right column of the page that get the version of the program with the word "setup".It is located immediately under the heading "Download latest release".Go to the first embodiment download the English version of the program.After the download is complete,
run the downloaded file and follow the instructions ustanovke.Na "desktop" shortcut will launch the program.Run it.Open the main program window, which contains several information sections.Switching between them is organized as tabs.Immediately after starting the program displays the first tab - CPU.
The first information tab of the program CPU-Z
Switch to tab Mailboard, clicking the left button of "mouse".Displayed three subsections information about the characteristics of the motherboard installed on the laptop :
- Motherboard (Basic information about the motherboard);
- BIOS (vendor information and version BIOS);
- Graphic Interface (GUI Details) .In Motherboard in the first two lines to get comprehensive data on the card manufacturer - Manufacturer and model of card - Model.
The program window CPU-Z.
Data will be enough to find out what motherboard is used by the manufacturer of your notebook.Write them down and save yourself.It is not excluded that in the future this information will be useful.For example, if a laptop goes down, it will already be known what fee order to replace - in the case of self-repair.If the data transfer service employees, it will accelerate the few repairs.

Tip 2: How to see the motherboard

Psmotret maternal fee easy.Typically, this is the biggest card in the computer.However, it is not always possible to disassemble the computer.For example, if your computer is under warranty or is it - the laptop.In this case, we need special test programs.
A typical motherboard.
you need
  • Phillips head screwdriver or programs installed Everest.
easiest way - to restart the computer.Many motherboards startup logo displayed on the screen with the name.You just have to remember it.
If this logo is not, try to determine the type of your motherboard by using the program Everest.Then you do not need to open the computer.Run Everest, wait for the program to detect all the parts of your computer.The name of the motherboard can be found in the section "System board" or at the beginning of the report issued by the program.
Similarly determine the brand of the motherboard can be using the software SiSoft Sandra or hwinfo32.
How to see the mother
If the program can not determine the parent fee (that sometimes happens on computers assembly firm), it remains only to open the computer.First of all, turn off the computer and disconnect it from the mains!Even in the computer is turned off, if not him turn off the power, voltage are sufficient to bring down maternal charge for the closure.Remove the Phillips head screwdriver fixing screws left cover of the computer case (or hands if you have special screws with large head).Carefully slide the cover back on a couple of centimeters and remove it.A large board on which most of the components installed - this is the computer motherboard.Manufacturer it is usually written in white paint on the radiator of the north bridge and the model - between the expansion slots.If due to dust can not read the name, it can be removed with a soft brush and air flow, such as from a hair drier.
If you have a laptop, then open the cabinet by yourself is highly undesirable, and get to know the brand of its motherboard manufacturer's website, which usually has all the necessary information.
  • CPUID - System & amp;hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting


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