Insert the reception connector USB-ports on front panel if you are using a wireless headset.If there are multiple connectors - select any, it does not matter for the health unit.When you do this, the operating system will detect the newly connected device and try to pick up the driver for it from its base.If it is not successful, then it will display an appropriate message.
2 Insert the DVD drive, which should be in the packaging box with a headset and receiver.If the operating system was un
able to determine the receiver, set the driver to install.As a rule, after inserting the disc menu appears, select which operation you run the appropriate installation program, and she will do everything itself - you just have to press the confirm button.After the process of installing the OS will make an attempt to identify re-receiving device with the new driver and the steps to connect a wireless headset via USB-port on the front panel is completed.
3 Insert the plug of one of the "mini-jack" in the corresponding connector on the front panel if you're using a wired headset.Plugs and connectors have the same color-coded, so it will be difficult to mix them.Insert plugs into the sockets at the same time it is better not, because, depending on the operating system and the motherboard may need to respond to interactive questions that will be asked after the installation wizard detects the new microphone or headphones.
If, after connecting the corresponding wires on front panel microphone or headphones do not work, you will need to change the settings on their own OS.For example, in Windows Vista and Windows 7, you may need to run Control Panel, go to the section "Sound", and then on the "REC".There are right-click the free space of the window and set the mark in the fields of "Show disabled devices" and "Show disconnected devices".After that, select the "Default device" appeared at the microphone section.The same operation should be performed on the "Play" for headphones.