1. The simplest aspect of choice in recent years has become a type of monitor.The quality of LCD-panels reached a very good level, and the cost decreased significantly, so that the CRT tube may be considered as finally consigned to history.

  2. Manufacturer monitor as it may seem, for consumer device properties affect slightly.Home of the LCD-monitor - LCD-matrix itself - is extremely difficult to manufacture, and its own production of the number of well-known brands have launched a Samsung, Acer, Nec, Mitsubishi, Alliance LG.Philips, Hitachi, Quanta, Sanyo, Fujitsu and Sharp.This means that
    even such important brands as Sony and ViewSonic, in fact, engaged in a monitor assembly of finished components manufactured on the side.Accordingly, the display quality will depend only on the quality of the purchased LCD-panel (which is standard) and build quality (which have well-known brands in any case, no doubt).

  3. Type LCD-matrix - a separate big topic.There are several types, they differ mainly in the response time, angle of view and the quality of black.However, most modern models of these options is acceptable for everyday tasks the average user, and users who need exclusive options, and so perfectly able to choose a monitor on the market models of upper price segment.

  4. Aspect Ratio 16: 9 also has become almost standard.Although 4: 3 track is still real, but to choose a monitor for the acquisition of such a format is necessary to have any special reason.

  5. As a rule, one of the main parameters considered to monitor brightness.The average value of about 300 cd / m2.At a lower brightness image is faded, with more - too bright, strains your eyes.Perhaps, in some situations, high brightness helpful, so if you want to pay for it - decide for yourself.