you need
  • netbook, webcam, bootable discs.
Put the driver: camera built into the notebook - so it must be tested and adjusted by the manufacturer.In addition, it must be accompanied by a CD with drivers.If you purchased the camera separately, the kit should also go to the disk.In any case, load the disc into the drive, the menu will appear automatically install the drivers.Set the default in the directory that the program offers.
Install Skype (video program) and register online.

Skype - a very popular and widespread program, you can use it to make calls over the Internet.Interestingly, calls to the program for free.But most imp
ortantly - Skype makes video conferencing.
Distribution program for free and you can download it from the official site.When you are finished loading the program, then the installation wizard will help Skype Setup Wizard, which will appear automatically.He will complete the installation.
Next installation wizard prompts you to create and register a new account.
test equipment.You need to test the functionality of the equipment.For this you need a microphone and headphones.Also suitable phone, if you connect it to USB.Or, if you have enough speakers and a microphone built into the netbook.When
connect the equipment, we can safely open the program.You can see the "Test call Skype┬╗ - this is your first contact.Now, just call.Said the girl-robot.She asks you to say something, and then play back what you said.When you hear your own voice, then everything works.If suddenly you have not heard, check the microphone connection.
Setting webcam.Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Preferences."Then, in the tab "General" select "Video Settings."Check that there was a check in the "Enable Skype Video."In "Setting webcams", you can set the color saturation, brightness, contrast, and a lot of useful information.