Open the "Start" menu and select it in the "Control Panel" (or go into it by using the shortcut located on the desktop).In the window that opens, double-click on the icon "System".This will open the settings dialog of the operating system.Open it in the tab "Hardware" and click "Device Manager."This opens a list of all physical and virtual devices that are installed on your computer, with brief information about each of them.
At the very bottom of the list "Device Manager" look for the line titled "Imaging Devices" and click the "+" symbol to the left of it.In the resulting list, locate the Web camera and make sure it works and is activated (its icon and the string does not have to be marked with a quest
ion mark or red cross).Then you can start to setup the camera.
Open to work with a webcam to check on the functioning of "practice" and to carry out its configuration.Programs of this kind are usually installed along with the drivers on the built-in webcam.To run the utility, open the "Start" menu, then click "All Programs", and then locate the application icon to work with a webcam (for example, the company Acer laptops, the program is called the "Acer Crystal Eye Webcam").With it set the camera to suit your needs.In the settings you can change the brightness and contrast of the camera image size and other parameters.
For larger settings of the webcam set to open any third-party applications that interact with it.For example, the program ManyCam.After you install and start running in the background, it is built into the system and it is recognized as a separate camera whose settings can be changed directly in the program interface.