Tip 1: How to increase the screen resolution on a laptop

Wanting to increase the resolution screen on laptop , you can do it two more available means: through the video card, or through the setting of the screen (OS Windows).Perform all actions should not take you too much time.
you need
  • laptop.
First, consider the simplest way to increase the resolution of the screen on laptop .Click on any empty area of ​​the desktop, right-click.If the mouse is not connected, click on the button that performs a similar function.On the screen you will see a window appears in which you need to choose "Properties".Once this section is open, you will see a menu that will show five different tabs.You need to switch to "Options" by clicking on the tab.A new window opens in the same form.Here you will be able to determine the optimal resolution for yourself , moving the corresponding control.Once you make certain changes, save the settings and close the menu.
You can also increase the screen resolution on laptop , using the agent int
erface card.To do this, you must have the appropriate drivers (you can find them bundled with the laptop).Install the required graphics card driver to the appropriate drive, and then, restart the system.If your computer does not restart, the driver simply will not run.Once the system is loaded, you can move to the resolution setting.
Pay attention to the taskbar, namely, on the system tray.There will be an icon graphics, in which you need to click the right mouse button.The context menu appears with options available settings card.Select, allows you to change the resolution screen , and go to him.In the resulting window, you can select the desired options.After you increase the resolution , save your changes and close the agent card.

Tip 2: How to increase the screen resolution

that you feel comfortable working at a computer, you can set the sounds, colors, resolution screen - edit any change according to your taste.
How to increase the screen resolution
To understand the simple settings for your computer, you need not so much time.
Do not be afraid to experiment a little.The main thing - remember, in which menu you are logged in, and that it changed, then it will be easy to restore the original settings.
You can also ask someone who understands computers, you will be given a little time.
screen Resolution is measured in pixels.It depends on the monitor and its parameters.Resolution is responsible for sharp images of objects on the monitor.The higher the resolution - the clearer and less facilities.Low resolution m is considered to be 640 480 - if you are going to play the old game made yet for DOS, you may need to set a low resolution .High resolution - 1600 1200. If you do not like your current resolution , try to install the 1024 or 768 1280 1064. Choose a resolution , in which you will be most comfortable to work with.
To change the screen resolution , right-click on the desktop from scratch.In the small menu, select the line "Properties".In the resulting menu, click on the new "Settings".Select your desired scale resolution screen and click "Apply".Then click "OK".Done!
In the same window you can change the desktop background ("Desk"), put the screensaver ("Screensaver") or change the color scheme of the menu windows and desktop.Each time you liked the option, press the "Apply" and then "OK".


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