Tip 1: How to set up the laptop monitor

properly configured monitor - an important aspect of performance is not only your laptop, but you, your health and well-being during the day.Improper adjustment of the monitor leads to fatigue, headaches, blurred vision.That is why it is so important to know how to choose the settings and parameters of the monitor to work brings you satisfaction, not a problem.
First check what mode you set the refresh rate of the screen.To do this, right-click anywhere on the desktop and click "Properties".In the resulting window, click the tab "Settings" and "Advanced".You will see the monitor settings and the phrase "Refresh rate".Look at what options are available in the drop-down list.You must have selected the maximum (eg 85 Hz).Laptop by default only shows the refresh rate, which he supports, so I choose a maximum value.
frequency less than 70 Hz is harmful to the eye and well-being due to excessive flickering images on the screen.
Another important aspect of setting the screen - it's co
ntrast and brightness.If an ordinary computer buttons control these parameters are right on the front of the monitor, the screen of laptop they are missing.
find the keyboard of his laptop call key functions - Fn, and the keys, in which there are additional icons brightness.Most often, they are drawn by the sun and the arrows showing the increase or decrease brightness.While holding the Fn key, press the keys brightness by increasing and decreasing it until the result does not seem to you a comfortable and pleasant to work with.
Do not choose too dark - it will lead to strain on the visual and contribute to incorrect display of colors.If your monitor is in order, and the laptop is working properly, the norm will be almost one hundred percent brightness.

Tip 2: How to set up the display

If you spend much time sitting at the computer screen in your power to make work more comfortable and safe.A properly configured display monitor has the best color reproduction, less tiring your eyes, and also allows for better quality printouts on the printer.Many PC users, unfortunately, in addition to the monitor to watch over him do nothing.So, we set up the display.
Many users do not even use the setting screen of the monitor, but in vain
color temperature.What is it?The fact that the white glow of the monitor display is actually not pure white.It can be different from the bluish-white color and ending reddish white.The particular temperature selected by the user, must comply with the most eye-catching point of this spectrum.
assume your monitor entered the shop counter, and then to your home with a color temperature of 9300 K. The display monitor of the white color will give to blue.However, many people prefer warmer tones (6500 K).So, in the settings menu of any modern monitor are two color temperatures - 6500 K, and 9300 K. Also, the user can operate the settings manually by adding or subtracting one or another color.
brightness and contrast.With adjustable brightness all is clear: the greater the brightness, the brighter the image and vice versa.If you set the brightness value of a small, gray shades are closer to black.If set too high brightness, even black color on the screen will turn gray.
If you have a computer table is gray, print it on the monitor display.If the table is not, it must be downloaded from the Internet.Further reduces the brightness until the last pair of dark shades will not be black.Now gradually increase the brightness until the time is close to the black areas do not show the first gray shade.So you set up the monitor display for optimum brightness.
Now go to color profiles.The red color, which is obtained by printing on the printer may vary considerably so red that plays your graphics card and provides the scanner.To allow you to coordinate color reproduction, which is provided by a variety of graphics devices in Windows provides color profiles ICC, acting as a common language to control colors.
Each device requires its own specific range.To check whether all the available profiles that are needed by the system, and customize them, right-click on the desktop.Then select "Properties", click on the tab "Settings" and then the button "Advanced".Select the tab "Color Management" - there will be information about all the color profiles that are in the system.
How to adjust your monitor.This article is intended for those with a CRT monitor.It's a "chubby" display similar to a TV.If you have an LCD, that is "flat" display, then read this article is optional.For LCD monitors, enough to adjust the brightness, adjust the computer itself is not necessary.
Helpful Hint
The monitor should be installed away from the windows and sunlight should not fall into either the monitor screen or in the face of the user.During the day, natural light can vary considerably, with the eyes adapt quickly to these changes, which can not make the computer monitor.Before you start to calibrate the monitor, it must be enabled and work on it at least 20 minutes.During the work of the monitor warms up and will show the image of the brightness at which it is set.
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