Modern optical mouse are both wired and wireless.To connect a wired mouse for your computer, click the mouse in the store with a USB input.Plug the device into USB-port of your computer and start to work.Wired mouse does not require the installation of special software.
Wireless mice are much more mobile wired: they can be used at a distance of several meters from your computer, without getting tangled in wires.However, these devices have a small minus.Wireless mice are powered by batteries or the battery inserted into the mouse.Due to the lower energy consumption, reduced sensitivity mouse.In addition, you should constantly monitor the level of the batteries in the mouse: the power can be l
ost at the most inopportune moment.
Before working with wireless mouse need to install special drivers in the notebook.Insert the installation disc into your computer.The disk driver is sold with a mouse.
Once the system recognizes the drive, it will offer to install the program.Agree with all the requirements of the system and install drivers, without changing anything in the settings.Press "Set" and "OK" with the demand.
When mouse drivers are installed, insert the USB-transmitter in the mouse port on your computer.Wait until the system recognizes the external device.
Turn button «On» on your mouse.It instantly connects to the transmitter, and help you manage your laptop.
If your computer has Bluetooth, you can use a wireless Bluetooth mouse .It will work as well on its own battery, but the connection with a laptop realized through the connection Bluetooth.