you need
  • program Everest.
If your laptop has no sound, you should first check whether you can see in Device Manager, the sound equipment.To do this, open the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "System" - "Equipment" - "Device Manager".Locate the window that opens, select "Sound, video and game controllers."If any of the items marked with a question mark or exclamation point is yellow, then the reason for the lack of sound is likely associated with the lack of drivers for the sound card.
Since the driver was not installed during the installation of the operating system, the CD-ROM with the operating system it is likely there.In this case, you should find it on the Internet, for that you need the exact name of the sound card.Please use the program Everest (Aida64): install it, run.In the left column, click "Computer" - "Summa
ry Information."You will find complete information on computer hardware, including data soundcard.
find the correct driver on the Internet, put it in any folder of the notebook.Then again, open the Device Manager, a yellow sign marked by the sound card and select reinstall the driver.Specify the source folder with the driver download.After installing the driver, restart the computer.
If the Device Manager, the sound card do not, check the settings in the BIOS.Enter the BIOS when the computer is started, it usually is necessary to press the Del or F1, F2, F3, F10 - a particular embodiment depends on the notebook model.Find a tab with integrated devices - in its name the word is integrated.In this tab, you get an audio device and check its parameters must be the value Enabled (included).If there is Disabled (off), change it to the right.
Check that all the sound on a laptop.If it is turned off, the sound icon in the tray will be marked with a red cross.To turn on the sound, click the left mouse button and remove the bird from the item "Off".