Tip 1: How to connect two laptops on the LAN

Independently connect two laptop Local Area Network in the home or office environment is simple.This connection will allow rapid exchange of information between computers.
you need
  • you will need a cable KKPV fifth category-5 twisted pair, 2 RJ-45 connector, pliers Crimp 8P8C (RJ-45), 2 network Ethernet controller 100 Mbit, sharp knife.
sure that both laptop's installed controllers Ethernet.They are similar to phone jacks.
Make a network cable.To do this, take the connectors, cables and clamps.Knife and tongs, remove the insulation from the surface of the cable at a distance of 2 cm from each side.
further spread pairs veins and spread them apart.Now build that wires in the following order from left to right: white-orange, orange, white, green, blue, white, blue, green, white brown, brown.
At the other end were organized one sequence, from left to right as: white-green, green, white and orange, blue, white, blue, orange, white and brown, brown.
Trim edge cutters live mites or scissors so that the length of the protruding bare lived was within 12-15 mm.Then carefully insert the number of living up to the stop in the connector, it does not admit that the tangled wires or touched each other.
Install connector with cable stuck in a vise, and then hold them up to the stop.Cable locks at the same time.Similarly, grind core, stick in them in the connector and tighten the clamp on the other side of the cable.
Connect the new cable manufacturing notebooks, and if done correctly, the indicator lights «link».If these LEDs do not burn or burn only on one side, then check the cable, probably when compression was a mistake.
Install the drivers for the Ethernet controllers on both laptop 's and make sure that the network adapters are included.
Set up a network connection.To do this, go to "Control Panel", then open the "Network Connections" and find among the available connections "Local Area Connection network ».Click on the icon of the connection, right click and select the context menu "Properties".Highlight in the "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)» and click on "Properties".Set the IP-address laptop .Now do the same on the second laptop, just change the last digit of the IP-addresses.

Tip 2: How to connect lokalku

Often users ask questions in the local network by connecting to your computer.Many have computers, and sometimes you want to play, for example, in games with each other.LAN computer can be connected very quickly.You need to make a simple procedure.
How to connect lokalku
you need
  • PC, the program Devcon
Go to the "Start" button on your computer.There select a partition as "Control Panel."You can try to go this way: "Start", then to "Settings" and "Control Panel."Switch to Classic View.This section is located in the upper left corner.This opens a window with different icons.Locate the "Network Connection", and then open this section.Right-click your mouse on an empty space.In the window that opens in front of you, in the list, select "Properties".There, click on "Connecting to the network."
icon appears.On it, click the right mouse button.Select again in the "Properties".Before you open the tab "Local Area Connection Properties networks-".Highlight with the mouse the item "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)».Then click the button titled "Properties."Then you'll get the following option, where click on the tab "Use the following IP-address" (put a tick there).Then tick the option "Use the following addresses of DNS-servers."Then fill in all the network settings, that is, enter your IP-address and subnet mask, etc.Wherever you need to click "OK" button to save the settings.All the connection is configured.
If the local network has been previously disabled, then you can turn it quickly via the command line.To do this, download and install the computer program called «Devcon».This is a small utility that will help you in connecting and disconnecting various utilities.In the "Device Manager" see information about the network card.There must be a long string of letters and numbers.They see what is written about the card, particularly before the first sign of «& amp;».For example, «PCI \ VEN_10EC».Go to the command line and insert there the expression «devcon.exe enable PCI \ VEN_10EC».
  • how to connect two computers over a local network


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