you need
  • - manual of your laptop;
  • - instruction program for voice communication;
  • - a set of screwdrivers.
read the operating manual of your portable computer.All notebooks individual.Some have a private key that is responsible for turning on and off the built-in microphone on the other it is not.As a rule, modern laptop has a built-in microphone in addition to the special line-out through which you can connect an external microphone.
Most modern models of installed hardware switch.With this device you do not need to independently make any changes to the settings.The system will automatically switch off the built-in microphone, as soon as you connect an external line-out via your laptop.
Click "Start" menu and select the tab "Control Panel".Next, click on the item "Sound".Pick up the tab "Record".Now you will see a list of open microphones.They are usually there are two - "Microphone" (this is built into your unit device) and "Line In" (one external microphone, which you are hooked up to a laptop).
Double click the left mouse button, go to the built-in microphone.At the bottom there is an item "Application of the device."The drop-down menu, select "Do not use this device (off.)
Then click" Apply "and" OK. "Now your built-in microphone is turned off.This sequence is relevant for laptop computers that are running Windows 7 on other operating systems, it may be slightly different.
You can temporarily disable the built-in microphone on and off directly from the interface of almost all programs for voice communications.To do this, you must read the instructions in this program.In most cases, you just need to press a button in the program window.
Turn off the built-in microphone by mechanical means if you want to be safe from his arbitrary inclusion or unauthorized access to your machine.To do this, disconnect the microphone from the internal connector.
find the sound hole.If it is located on the laptop monitor, then turn off only need to remove the front bar.Disconnect all plugs.Under them get the bolts.
Carefully unscrew them.Then open the latch using a screwdriver or a plastic credit card.Find yourself a microphone and gently pull it out of the slot, Disconnect.
If the microphone is located on the bottom of the laptop, then make a partial disassembly of the case and in the same way to disconnect the microphone.
microphone can be completely remove or keep inside the body simply by disconnecting the connector.