Tip 1: How to turn off the display on the laptop

display mobile PC consumes a relatively large amount of energy.In addition, some users prefer to use an external monitor together with a laptop.Turn off the built-in display in various ways.
Explore the instructions in your mobile computer.Find out the function key assignment.Press the Fn button and the combination of a number of keys F1-F12 for a quick turn off the display of the notebook.Remember that work can resume screen when you press any key.
mobile computer display turns off automatically when you close the lid of the device.The main problem is that the original parameters of the operating system putting the laptop in the "Sleep" and "Hibernate".Turn off the execution of the algorithm.
Open the Control Panel and find the submenu "Power."Usually it is located in the "system."Click on "More power options".
Expand the column "Power button and lid 'and navigate to the category of" action of closing the lid. "Set points "On battery" and "Plugged in" option
"Do Nothing."
Click "Apply".Now, when you close the lid display will be automatically switched off without any changes in the operating system.
Return to the menu "Power" and go to "Setting the eating plan."Set the time interval after which the display will turn off automatically.Naturally, the screen will be turned off only if you use a laptop a predetermined amount of time.
If you prefer to use a secondary display for use with laptops, completely disable the built-in screen.To do this, click "Device Manager" and expand the category of "Monitor".
Right-click on the name of the built-in display and select "Disable."Remember that you can not use the laptop screen as long as you activate its work.Do not use this method unless absolutely necessary.

Tip 2: How to turn off the monitor

In the operation of the personal computer it is necessary to disconnect the monitor .This may be due to savings in electricity consumption, long break in the work with the computer, replacement of monitor or video card, as well as maintenance (cleaning) of the system unit.
How to turn off the monitor
you need
  • 1) Read the operating instructions of the monitor and the PC
  • 2) Know the authorities monitor and computer
  • 3) Learn how to connect and disconnect the interface cable to the video card
  • 4) have a universal screwdriver (if necessary)
Before turning off the monitor need to turn off the computer.Depending on the operating system (OS), the sequence may be different.If your computer is running Windows, you click the left mouse button on the "Start" button in the task bar, click the menu that consistently "Turning On / Off."
Disconnect power monitor by pressing the "On / Off" on the control panel monitor.Then unplug the interface cable from monitor video connector on the back of the computer system unit.If you want to completely turn off the monitor from the network, you need to disconnect from monitor power cable.Turning monitor takes place in reverse order.
very useful feature is the ability to program the settings off the power.To do this, open the "Control Panel", click the "Display", select the "Screen Saver" and press the "Power".In the window that opens, set the power scheme so that the display turns off after your desired number of minutes.
During the work it is necessary to know and strictly implement security measures set forth in the operating instructions of the instrument!
Note that a permanent opening / closing the lid leads to a weakening of the guide elements.


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